This is not just
a yoga retreat

…Nor a meditation course or health detox

…It is a complete experience for the mind, body & soul. Our concept is designed to, with the help of yoga and meditation as well as other exciting spiritual tools, allow you to explore movement, sensations, stillness, and above all – Yourself.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have, if you are defining yourself as tight or open, strong or weak, old or young – at the soul space you will feel at home.



Josefin Bengtsson

Josefine loves to spend her days barefoot playing in the nature, breathing on her yoga mat, and seated in meditation. For years she has been living like that, teaching hundred of yoga retreats all over the world before under the name Yogiakademin, a retreat company she founded 2014. Recently, during a meditation at the beach in India, a new name was born – The Soul Space. A name that is more fully representing the experience at our retreats.

Coming from a background of Stockholm School of Economics and a work as a strategy consultant, a life driven by the mind – Josefine is now fully dedicated to guide you into your body, heart and soul. She has devoted her life to understand herself and others by diving deeply into the aspects of yoga, meditation and also into the more let go practices of Osho. In her practice and classes she is mixing and matching both worlds in a playful yet deep way. She is a total believer that the controlling aspect of yoga can provide us with the courage to eventually jump and let go – start living from our true essence.

Martina Törnvall

Martina is a devoted yogini who throws herself head first into anything her heart guides her towards. Ever since yoga became her safe harbor during a stressful time in law school, it’s been her way of letting go to connect to a place deep inside. After juggling her time between the office and the yoga mat for some years as a corporate environmental lawyer, she decided to follow her longing for deeper meaning. Since then, her search has taken her across the world to teach yoga. Passionate about sharing any of the techniques that has guided her on her path, Martina teaches in a soft yet empowering way and truly believes you are your inner guru. 

Martina grew up in the countryside, riding horses in the deep forests of Sweden. From an early age , she loves being surrounded by nature which is still where she finds deep peace and inspiration. She also loves to create nourishing, delicious food and daydreams about a plant based cafe where the lights will always be on… 


Sophia Valencé Carrhage

Coming from the industry of music and media Sophia Valencé knows the feeling of being in a scene that is highly focused on prestige and building an outer image. With the teachings she has, she therefore wants to create a safe and nonjudgmental space for people to feel, create and experience their body in.

In the environment in her classes, you get the opportunity to be yourself and express your inner truth. Trough music and vibration, space holding, flow, and mediation, she wants to establish a landscape where people can explore themselves. 

Sophia Valencé is a space holder and believer in active meditations, intuitive movements, as well as slow and embodied approaches to getting into the body. As a certified yoga teacher, she uses this as her tools guiding you in her own unique way. 

With the background of working as a masseur and healer as well – and with a vast interest of food and the holistic body, she loves to see people arriving on the inside. Together with the knowledge of sound, voice, and breath, she creates and holds space with her slow authentic flow, yin, and restorative yoga, helping you to find your center.

Niki Lundberg

When Niki first discovered yoga she fell in love with the way it moved her closer to her inner self. From that day, her life changed completely. Yoga has taken her on a beautiful journey from Sweden into the world.  She now travels the world teaching classes, workshops, retreats and trainings in Thailand, India, Australia and Europe.

Niki believes that yoga can be life changing, both on an individual and a collective level. With yoga, we can find our way back to ourselves, to discover who we truly are, and from there, our potential is limitless. Niki uses a number of different tools as part of her yoga practice and teaching, including a strong and flowy asana practice, breath work and diverse meditative techniques. Niki sees her teaching as a vocation, a higher calling and a devotional practice. A way for her to help transform others’ lives and, in doing so, change the world for the better.


Michael Murray

Michael spent nine years working in Melbourne and London as a finance litigation lawyer for a large global law firm. He first turned to yoga in an effort to combat stress and anxiety and very quickly found that it had transformed his life in many other aspects as well – as he became more flexible, his mind also opened up; as his physical balance improved, he was able to introduce more balance and equanimity into his life.

From the time of this initial discovery, Michael was hooked. He began to practise everyday and quickly undertook his teacher training in Goa, India. Michael believes that yoga is much more than just a physical practice – it is many things to many people but is, for him, a way of life. Michael quit his job as a lawyer and moved to Thailand where he is now based, teaching yoga and teacher trainings.Michael teaches a strong but accessible brand of vinyasa flow yoga. His classes are thoughtful and grounded, but playful at the same time.

Josephine Tagesson

Josephine is a former Community and PR Manager who chose to leave the corporate world to pursue her heart’s desires. Yogini, ecstatic dance fanatic and energy worker. Love nature and grew up running around in the forest in south of Sweden. She feels most connected to herself, her truth and her body when she is close to the ocean. Khola Beach, in Goa is her idea of paradise. This is also where her journey with The Soul Space started.  She started her practice 8 years ago in London, whilst working at a PR agency. Yoga brought her a fulfillment and inner presence, which was missing in the hectic lifestyle she had back then.

Josephine teaches different types of Flow and Yin, and often incorporates instruments, singing, healing and cleansing to guide people deeper into their hearts. You can be sure that she will introduce you to the sacred wood, Palo Santo.

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Before you continue to read this text, pause for a moment.​

A thought might come, “do I have time for this”?
See if you can go behind that thought, giving yourself one minute to check inside.

Inhaling deeply, exhaling fully.

How does it feel to be in my body right now?

Where do I hold tension? How is my breath flowing?
What is the rhythm of my heart? How am I doing in this moment?

Placing your left hand on your belly, your right hand on your chest.

Allowing the following questions to touch inside…​​

When do I feel alive?

Whaat am I longing for?​

What is my truth?



We love most things that helps us reconnect to our body and move towards our inner self. If you are into naming and definitions, we find inspiration in everything from dynamic Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa to more calm practices such as Yin and Restorative as well as Vipassana, sharing, eye-gazing, dancing, breathwork and active Osho-meditations.

All in all, during our retreats we are mixing and matching traditional yoga with other exciting techniques – and always in favour of a practice that emerge from your inside. A practice where we move together with our body, and not against it. Where we allow freedom of movement rather than forcing the body into strict poses. Where we are sensing the body from the inside rather than getting stuck in the outside look if it. Where we are peeling of layers of tension both in the body and mind to finally arrive all the way inside, to that wordless space where love is grown, what we call THE SOUL.

All of us in the Soul Space team is internationally certified, by Yoga Alliance (RYT). We have been teaching retreats all over the world for the last five years and have an extensive background in working with people within meditation, therapy, breathwork, nutrition, and massage. However, we also want to share our curiosity about life and the courageous journey that each of us has taken in our exploration of the inner self.



Our bigger mission is to help us move towards a more conscious world by providing retreats “Soul Spaces” all over the world where we live together with nature, faraway from the demanding and stressful city life. Retreats where we turn of the everyday life to make time to arrive into our bodies and from there meet ourselves and each other in a real way.

In October to March you find us on a deserted beach in the motherland of yoga, India. In May and September we are sharing retreats on a stunning island in the archipelago of Sweden and in July we are located at a French Castle.

If your mind, body and soul is saying yes, send an email to

We are looking forward to share our space with you.

With Love,

The Soul Space Family